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Pee pee all over you pika. I wish you god’s high five and several crumpled chips on the floor. You are a mountain, and your hair is the summit,

your feet; the trees,

your hands, rocks..your eyes, rocks..your toes, rocks. Who rocks? You sock.

my country,

my glorious country,

you are my only,

only only

sheepee pee pee

piconjo from irvine, i would like for you to have many kids. I have a plan. Become a muslim. Move to mauritania. Mary 1000 wives. Each woman can produce an average of 35 children. 8(fertile age) to 43(infertile).

By moving from the USA, you become the richest man in muslinia by default. Use that wealth to buy “wives” at 20$ a piece. By age 60 you will have a private army of 35000.


wife* (short for soldier production unit)

with only 1000 units, you can conquer any surrounding nation. Which you can in 6 months. With mali, senegal, and western sahara under control, you have the total gdp of 60bil: 25bil(senegal), 17bil(mali), 7bil(mauritania), 10bil(western sahara). That and the natural oil located in these countries. You can make alliances with china and russia for access to your oil, securing your hold against a inevitable counter attack by first world nations. And by that point, congratulations mr president you are now a major power. Enjoy the power of being able to slap anyone at anytime you wish. Genius, they cant slap you back.

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Secret Medal ????? Points

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'cause I'm TNT 5 Points

Call in some friends for some massive mayhem.

Donkeh! 25 Points

The rarest pokemon in Gensokyo.

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You have crossed the moral event horizon.

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